How to fight pimples/acne with Eskinol

Mix Eskinol with Dalacin C.

Dalacin C is an over the counter capsule.

Take a 500mg Dalacin C capsule and pour the contents into a large Eskinol bottle - I think that's 120mL or something. (Just go get the "large" bottle - there's a small, a medium, then there's a large. There is NO extra large. If you have that in your place, then take the smaller container.)

It's as simple as that. It has been tried and tested. My sister uses it every time she gets her pimple attack on her back. They work perfectly fine.

Be sure to take a bath before applying it. It also works best before bed because the body goes into a healing/recovering mode when we're asleep. And while you're at it, sleep more! It's another advisably habit to get rid of pimples/acne, that alongside drinking lots of water, avoiding cholesterol-rich foods, and exercising regularly.

To your health! Cheers!

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