Missing Business Intelligence Types and Analysis Services Template

While following the tutorial on Analysis Services on MSDN:

I got stuck in item 3 in Creating Analysis Services Project

I have SQL Server 2008, Developers' Edition
I have installed Analysis Services (and Reporting Services for future use) so that's not the problem.
- If you're not sure if you have that. Go to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server-> SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

If you have that they you have Analysis Services and you might be encountering the same problem I did. When trying to create my first Analysis Services Project, the Business Intelligence Type was missing and so was the Analysis Services Templates.

In MS Visual Studio (BIDS) click on Tools -> Import and Export Settings

Import Selected Environment Settings
Yes, Save my current settings
highlight "Business Intelligence Settings" and click on Finish.

This will add the Business Intelligence projects to BIDS.
Source: http://www.windows-tech.info/15/4e09444d2e59562b.php

FREE Starbucks Java Chip ^__^

Oyen is currently enjoying her FREE tall Java Chip from Starbucks.

Last week when we went to see Tropic Thunder, I bought a chocolate glazed doughnut from Starbucks. Then the cashier guy handed me my receipt and told me that I can claim a free tall drink from any Starbucks branch if I answer their online survey. Just follow the steps I took:

1. Go to http://www.mystarbucksvisit-ph.com/
2. Input the Customer Code that you can find in your receipt.
3. Answer the quick survey (took me 10 minutes)
4. On the provided space in your receipt, write the code that appears at the end of the survey.

That receipt will let you claim a free tall drink and is valid for a month, starting from the day you entered your code in the site.

British Comedy Insults Filipinos

British Comedy Insults Filipinos
Filipinos are insulted by BBC Comedy, 'Harry and Paul', where a sketch portrayed Enfield ordering his neighbor's Filipina maid to mate with his Northerner neighbor
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How to create backlinks for Blogger

I am currently trying to create backlinks for my blog - no, not this one, I'm referring to http://thingswelovetohate.blogspot.com where more intere
sting things happen. So I'm posting this as an "adventure" and hope that somebody learns a thing or two.

The following can be done for free:

1. Submit your site to Yahoo.

2. Answer forum questions through links to your site: so make sure you post the answer FIRST before giving the link, and provide the link to the actual blog entry so that it can still be accessible to other people who are browsing for answers to the same question.

The following are good sites where you can go and answer other people's questions:

1. Yahoo! Answers

2. MyLot

3. When you create an account in myLot, you may add your blog to their site. myLot is a high traffic site. To add your blog, go to: http://www.mylot.com/o/bloggers.aspx?a=a

Tip: Your default Blogger RSS Feed URL is http://blogname.blogspot.com/atom.xml

You can check it out by entering that your URL in your browser and you'd see a summary of your blog posts. Mine is http://thingswelovetohate.blogspot.com/atom.xml

4. Join Qassia. [Here's my user page: http://oyen.qassia.com/ Take a look to get a feel with Qassia.]

Qassia is a site that helps you earn with Google adsense, they display your blog and whatever ad revenues your page gets from the Google adsense is attributed to you. However, this is just a BONUS. What we really want to get out of Qassia is the backlink. When you apply your blog/s to Qassia then you get more page views and they provide you quality blog link. So if you don't have Google adsense, then don't even worry about it. If you DO need help, drop a comment and I'll get back to you ;)

*Don't forget to apply for the Sticker Promo. They will crawl into your site (randomly) and that's another way to be featured.

*Add Intel to get more quality back links. What you do is write about something that you know, then they would credit your site/blog for the knowledge that you share. That's another quality back link for you.I also signed up for Link Vault but later found out that I had to upload both a .php file and a .txt file for it to work and that isn't allowed in Blogger.

There's also Receive Links that I'm still trying to figure out. Once I get that running, I'll probably write about that as well.

5. Make sure you put your blog link in your email signature, forum signature. And update your social networking accounts and put your blog link on the MyWebsite area.

6. Post a bulletin on Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Plurk and other social networking sites that you belong to and invite them to take a look at your blog. You may also do this for blog entries that may interest such audience.

7. Ping your site every time you post a new entry. This may be tiresome but it's worth it - while you're at it, make sure your blog posts have tags because Ping sites such as Technorati utilize blog entry tags.

Sphynx Clothing by Seekers for Php480

SRP Php 480
If you also want to consign, give email me or comment here.

Sizes available (as for now):
- Medium
- Small (bustline: 32-34, length: 24)

Applique colors (embroidered satin):
- Black (thread) on silver (satin),
- yellow on gold,
- yellow and silver on green,

Racerback color:
- black
- dark brown

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