earn online, finally!

After 5 months of trying to earn extra income, I think I found something a little more tangible than the rest. If you like Yahoo! Answers, then you should give this one a try:


Here's how it works: you start discussions, answer questions - the same as what you do in Yahoo! Answers or in forums. However, you earn money while you do it.

The catch: How do you earn money? They do not disclose that piece of information. It involves some kind of mathematical computations.

What if you don't have your PayPal (yet)? That's ok, you can edit your PayPal address to cashout anytime you wish. You won't lose anything. Actually, if you don't want to earn at all and just have fun in the forums, then they'd like you even more :D

The tip is to post 3-4 liners. This is my first day and I will tell you how it goes for me :)

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