A call for underrepresented individuals

My friend is currently working on her thesis and she's having a hard time locating her subjects.

It's a photographic essay on twenty underrepresented individuals who have proved to play significant roles in society. These individuals’ greatness are not recognized because they do not fit the canonical standard typical of choosing who is worthy of recognition.

This group includes (but is not limited to) the poor or working class, the old people, the women, the homosexuals, the political deviants, the ethnic minorities and the handicapped. This could be a burnt child who saved his family from a burning house, a mother who single-handedly raised her six children while balancing three jobs at the same time, an old woman who despite her age serves as her family's breadwinner or an Ifugao elder from Cordillera who despite the changing trends in their culture brought about by modernization, continues to protect the dying art of tattooing.

A side note:
...I was wondering if Database admins are underrepresented individuals. Database admins always serve as the scape goat in companies - when something doesn't work right, they point their finger at the database admin. It's not like SQL Server Transactions are the only problem that exists.

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