Yahoo! Messenger

I like Yahoo! Messenger. It's the very first application I used to chat. I didn't go through the MIRC phase, sorry. But I did have YM way before may high school classmates had one, which was kind of sad since I can chat but I had no one to chat with. (Hello, chatrooms!)

As long as I have internet access, I am almost (98% of the time) online in YM. I used it so often that I get excited when there are Beta releases. Usually, the Beta releases aren't so bad. They only have a few glitches that you can live with until the final release is made. However, YM Vista is an exception.

In YM Vista's Feedback form, they ask what is the rate of you recommending the application to a friend. I give it a 2 out of 10. Pretty low? Well, aside from its cool facade, it lacks functionality. It is still very unstable not to mention cumbersome (I don't know why everything is so big o.o I can adjust the list view but I can't adjust the size of the window frames!)

I hate it when the chat window screen wobbles when I type my message. WTF is up with that? Did they do that on purpose? Was that supposed to be cute? That was annoying and it hurts my eyes. I almost dread the time when someone would message me because that means I'd a mini-headache when I chat back.

Next, why can't I find the archives? Is it there? Or didn't they install it on purpose? That's a very important feature. Whatever will I do when I realize that I can actually blackmail because of a small chat we had??
After some time (I actually wanted to get the YM Vista experience so I stuck with it for a while), I was ready to go back to the old version then I found this :D YM9 Beta!

Download YM9 (Beta)

It has the same funky YM Vista look but it didn't lose any of the old features. It is also more compact. This is my first day in trying it out and I am currently happy with it. I'll let you know when I encounter any irritating problems with it.


Loki said...

GTalk is simple but very functional. The archives are stored online! Since we're on the topic of IMs, you might want to try Ping.Fm. You can post to twitter, plurk, blogger from your instant messenger of choice XD. Invite code now is: thispingsforyou

oyen said...

I rarely need my archives online, and all my contacts use YM so no use in switching if I wouldn't be able to use it. I tried Ping.Fm as you suggested. It's a cool idea but way to slow, I have a couple of suggestions to make their services better, like a sidebar pannel to check/uncheck settings so you can really control your accounts all at the same time.